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Backpacking Hawaii

Eco Hostel Hawaii is a backpacking and camping haven.

 There is a difference between a Hawaii “vacation” and a Hawaii “lifetime experience.”  For discerning travelers camping Hawaii with the hopes of seeing more than just the popular tourist destinations, Eco hostel Hawaii offers the opportunity to see Hawaii through the eyes of the people who cherish this place as their home.  If you are backpacking Hawaii, and are of the mindset that travel should be more, than just checkmarks on a list, then we are ready to immerse you in the big island way of life!


Enjoy our Hawaii backpacking and camping paradise.

Whether you are on a journey backpacking Hawaii with no set schedule, or you are simply camping Hawaii on a budget, Eco Hostel Hawaii provides accommodations to suit your specific needs and desires. Our Hawaii facility is staged on 12 acres of Ohia Lehua rainforest, just outside of the Puna forest reserve, and is the ideal scene for those backpacking or camping through the region. Only 12 miles from the Hawaii Hilo International Airport, Eco Hostel Hawaii is centrally located in relation to all tourist destinations on The Big Island's East side, convenient for those backpacking and camping alike.  Best of all, when you include us in your plans to backpack Hawaii, you will feel as though you are among friends and family.  


Backing in Hawaii with Eco Hostel Hawaii

We provide travelers with a responsible way to enjoy backpacking and camping Hawaii.

Our core values are rooted in permaculture, so our Hawaii hostel is far removed from the city experience.  If you are backpacking Hawaii, you are likely hopeful that you can find your own connection with the land and enjoy the true nature of Hawaii.  We maintain and grow this Hawaii paradise each and every day with our team of eco village volunteers, made of up backpacking and camping enthusiasts from around the globe.  As your journey camping Hawaii unfolds, take some time to become a part of our ever-growing Hawaii hostel family and save money while you forge new friendships, explore the island, and participate in a responsible way of life.  There is an ever growing amount of organic produce taking root on our grounds, and we are only a 5 minute drive from the largest Sunday Farmers Market in Hawaii.  If you are camping or backpacking Hawaii, there is no better way to establish a connection with this magical place that we are proud to call home.

Backpacing off-grid with Eco Hostel Hawaii Photo-Voltaic Solar System

As you enjoy camping and backpacking Hawaii, what you leave behind is just as important as what you take with you.

As you backpack Hawaii you will undeniably leave a footprint in your wake, and for this reason it’s important to consider HOW you travel.  We are proud of our low impact sustainable systems, perfect for those camping Hawaii.  Eco Hostel Hawaii is 100% solar powered, producing over 20 Kilowatt hours of solar electricity each day.  Additionally, our water supply is rain.  Harvested, filtered and stored 10,000 gallons at a time for both our Hawaii hostel and farm use.  Make no mistake about it: this is some of the best drinking water on planet earth, and there is nothing more refreshing after a day spent backpacking Hawaii.


At Eco Hostel Hawaii, we are “permaculture focused,” offering a backpacking and camping experience amongst low impact Hawaii rain forest accommodations, vegetable gardens, and over 4,000 square feet of indoor growing space. There is no Hawaii hostel quite like it.

Hawaii Hostel

Lava at ocean entry

No trip backpacking or camping Hawaii is complete without a tour to the lava.

If you are backpacking Hawaii, camping with a group, or simply visiting with family, a trip to the lava flows is a must.  Some describe this trip as life-changing, and no trip to Hawaii is complete without experiencing these active flows for yourself.   Hikes to the lava in Hawaii are treacherous and require stamina, good health, and quality shoes with solid ankle support.  Also, anyone who has done any serious camping or backpacking in Hawaii will know that you need to carry two quarts of water for your journey.

During your Hawaii lava tour you will explore the Kalapana Lava Desert in search of active surface flow and lava that pour directly into the Pacific Ocean.  As you traverse over six miles of stark Pahoehoe Lava Desert you will be immersed in a region of Hawaii that will exceed the limits of your imagination.  Nothing in your Hawaii backpacking journey can prepare you for standing atop steep 500-foot high lava cliffs with waves crashing far below. 

Our Hawaii hiking guides are capable of accommodating groups of people who are backpacking or camping Hawaii.  Our experienced guides have years of experience, and will keep you and your group safe so that you can enjoy the rest of your backpacking or camping holiday. 

Our Commons area attached to the greenhouse(Under Construction)

At Eco Hostel Hawaii, we want to be your backpacking and camping destination of choice.

If you’re the kind of traveler who revels in the outdoors, and prefers backpacking and camping to five-star “luxury” resorts, then we want to be your Hawaii Hostel home away from home.  We cater to camping and backpacking enthusiasts because we know that the organic hum of nature can turn you on for more than anything packaged and manufactured, and we want to personally show you the Hawaii that we love.

If you are backpacking or camping Hawaii on a budget, or are simply looking to find some secret local gems, you will find that Eco Hostel Hawaii is all about personal interaction, sustainable “off the grid” living, and forging new and lasting relationships with like-minded people.  Eco Hostel Hawaii is also popular with gardeners, student groups who enjoy backpacking and camping, and single females looking for a safe-haven while in Hawaii.  Best of all, if you’ have never expierenced a Hawaii hostel before, you will be amongst friends who will do everything they can to maximize your time in Hawaii without breaking your budget.

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